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Welcome to SMA

SMA Technologies, Inc. (Spindle & Machine Analysis) is an innovative, ultra-precision spindle and machine repair company servicing all models of machines, tool spindles, power drawbars and rotary unions. Our personnel are factory trained by OEM's in several countries to service high precision metal-removal spindles.
  • High Speed Synchronous Spindle
    High Speed Synchronous Spindle
    High Speed Synchronous Spindle

    High Speed Synchronous Spindle
  • 78 KW Synchronous Motorized Spindle
    78 KW Synchronous Motorized Spindle
    78 KW Synchronous Motorized Spindle

    78 KW Synchronous Motorized Spindle

We specialize in machine troubleshooting and repair using decades of experience in effective machine problem solving. We perform vibration analysis using state of the art FFT analyzers, sound measurements and ball bar testing. Knowledge of cutting tool geometry and machine design improvements makes us your valuable partner.
We are metal removal experts providing solutions for ultra-high precision machine tool spindles and applications, machine consulting, problem solving, machine tuning / calibration to the highest accuracy achievable. SMA is a think-tank for the mechatronic metal removal industries.
We have the ability to analyze and solve dynamic machine tool problems. Qualified in static and dynamic mechanical systems, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronics and how they interface with equipment. We excel at improving existing processes.
Honesty and integrity are central to our character.
We repair any model of spindle or precision assembly and continuiously stay current with the newest spindle technologies throughout the world. Providing Global support for many OEM's sets us apart from the competition! We take pride in being a SINGLE SOURCE service provider.
We have over 60 years of precision spindle and machine tool service and retrofit under one roof. Our service experience includes over 700 unique manufacturers and well over 1000 machine models.
Premier European OEM machine tool builders take advantage of SMA's quality services.
Whether you need a solution for your spindle or your entire machine, rest assured knowing that we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Why Choose SMA?

Your spindle is as unique as your process. Each spindle rebuild is hand-crafted to achieve maximum accuracy and optimum performance, ensuring a long life for your machine.
  • We emulate your machine controls and electronics.
  • We ensure your switches, encoders and sensors are set properly and then monitor them during the entire 14-hour spindle run-in process, ensuring trouble-free installation.
  • Unmatched after-repair support.
  • Machine assembly and installation assistance.
  • Troubleshooting, repair and advanced diagnostics of the entire machine.

Why Choose SMA?
  • Knowledgeable leaders in advanced machine diagnostics and repair.
  • Unmatched after-repair support.
  • 24-hour emergency service.
  • We service all makes and models of machines, tool spindles, power drawbars, rotary unions and torque motors.